New Actor... But a Majority of Roles in this Year's Series!

New Actor... But a Majority of Roles in this Year's Series!
Kom Akhbar | 11 Aug 2015

On his Facebook page, Mahmoud al-Tawil writes: "Hanan Hassan (28 years)... A shrapnel from the Assad regime bombs made her a martyr... But there is no need for you to mention her name or assume solidarity with her cause... Keep your attention squarely focused on the issue of gay marriage; there are those who struggle for it." Al-Tawil adds by saying: "Rememberthere is no issue other than you; and also remember how unsupportive you have been to the cause of your people."

Also in Kom Akhbar this week: "Syrian daram series form another litmus test, this year... that the Revolution did not penetrate our lives deeply enough." A Syrian writes on his Facebook page: "My concern nowadays is to follow on the TV screen—which I am becoming less and less interested in—how many actors remained loyal [to the regime]... and how many have been absent... and how, in one series, water and mercury come together."

This and more from the Syrians' comments and posts on social networking sites with Zeina Ibrahim.

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