Nour Kassab: She Makes You Feel the Future is Not Bleak

Nour Kassab: She Makes You Feel the Future is Not Bleak
Kom Akhbar | 30 Jun 2015

Hussein Zahran speaks of the young Syrian girl Nour Kassab, whocame in first at the national German level for her high school examination results. He writes: Nour Yassin Kassab, a nineteen-year-old Syrian refugee in Germany for only three years to-date... During this period, she managed to master the—quite difficultGerman language, to achieve a breakthrough achieved at the national level in Germany: A 100% full mark in her high school exit exams [the German "Abitur"]... This young lady bears inside her the story of her great forebears Zenobia and Julia Dumna... This young lady, make you feel that—despite the filth of this war—the future is not bleak.

Also in today's episode of Kom Akhbar, Zeina Erhayem writes about her memories of the Mazzeh-Villat microbus line: A sudden yearning to the service Mazzeh-Villat Gharbiyeh" microbus in which I spent half my life in Damascus, alongside its associateThe Mazzeh-Karajat line...

A yearning to the beautiful morning and evening songs we';d listen to during the ride, and to the pleasant drivers—all of whom know who I am, and who would stop at the corner next to my house without me even having to utter the usual "could you stop at the corner, please?"

Damascus is no longer visiting me in my dreams/nightmares... There is nothing now save for explosive barrels, shelling, and the fear of being pursued while I am fleeing on the wrong side of Aleppo...

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