Kom Akhbar | 02 Jan 2015

"We must separate religion from ignorance," with preacher Bassam Haddad. In Kom Akhbar, this week, you will also listen to your most important comments and opinions and video introductions, the Rozana way, including:

"The Evolution of Crying in Arab Culture" with Kaddour Salameh; and "Ten Heroes of Syrian football in Assad's prisons" with Yara Sabri.

"The system bombards Duma's Women," Zoya Bustan publishes on her page; and a new Goodwill Ambassador calls for support for Syria's children.

Finally, a new short film, titled "SalehFrom the heart of the Syrian suffering in Lebanon."

To listen to this program, follow the link: http://rozana-sy.fm/ar/node/9161.

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