about us

Our Vision 

  • An inspiring symbol for the Syrian and arabic media trust in youth in leadership and changing.

Our Mission 

  • Rozana is an independent media respect the human rights including gender, interactive and freedom of expression.


  • Rozana seeks to spread awareness and develop youth capabilities through the exchange of opinions and experiences by providing reliable information through radio, creative tools, innovative content and digital communities.

Our Values


  • We rely on international journalism ethics, the right to reach the truth, the right of free access to information.


  • Rozana is an independent media works on reaching its goals according to the  values emanating from international legitimacy.


  • Rozana interacts with the audience and belongs to its issues and make its voice heard.


  • We work in supporting the community with needed tools and policies for development,  and  empowering media workers.

Justice Fairness Equality

  • Rozana, in its content and handling of issues, takes into account the realization of the rights of all citizens of society.


  • Rozana is the voice of all Syrians, insist through the content  to respect the others and accept diversity.

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